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Welcome to Mathurams Guru® Products!

Mathurams Guru® has many products which cater to the needs of both young and old, even babies.

Mathurams Guru® Thylam

Mathurams Guru® Thylam [Pain Balm] is an Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine. It is made of pure herbal extracts. It is green in colour and soft to the touch.

It can be used to relieve headache, muscular and joint pain caused by stiffness, sprain and mild injuries. It helps alleviate back ache, knee pain, muscle cramps and all kinds of pain in the body.It helps relieve cold and cough. It can be massaged on the chest, neck and back followed by fomentation to give quick relief. A steam inhalation of the Thylam[Pain Balm] will relieve blocked nose and ease breathing. Its pleasant, delightful fragrance accentuates its pain relieving properties. It is a bed side medicine in many homes.

Available in glass bottles and the net content is 10gm. They are neatly packed in individual cartons and 10 units are packed in a Master Carton.

Mathurams Guru® Tooth Powder

Mathurams Guru® Tooth Powder is a Siddha Proprietary Medicine. It is made from a combination of Terminalia Chebula[Kadukai Powder] and Chalk Powder and a solution of herbal extracts efficacious in strengthening the teeth and gums, keeping the teeth clean, preventing foul odour, arresting tooth decay and keeping the teeth sparkling white. It prevents erosion of teeth.

Packed in virgin plastic containers. Available in 3 sizes-30gm, 40gm and 100gm.

Mathurams Guru® Kastoori Pills

Mathurams Guru® Kastoori Pills is an Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine. Prepared with utmost care from carefully picked and cleaned herbs. They are pounded into dry powders and then ground to a fine paste, rolled and cut into fine strips to further roll them into small pills.

When administered to infants and children, these pills keep them healthy and when given regularly, prevent them from catching a cold and cough. For infants, the pills can be rubbed on a stone or finely powdered and mixed with breast milk or honey. Slightly older children can bite and eat it.

10 pills are packed either in a tube or in a bottle. 2 kinds of packing are available.

Mathurams Guru® Korojanam Pills

Mathurams Guru® Korojanam Pills is an Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine. Prepared with utmost care from choice pick of herbs from gardens and wild cultivation. Carefully cleaned,shade dried and powdered.The powders are then ground and rolled into pills.

The herbs used are efficacious in preventing constipation in infants and children.These pills can be given to a constipated child to relieve the constipation. It can be given to children with cold, cough, fever, wheezing, flatulence and rigor. It is mixed with milk and given to babies.

10 pills are packed in a tube or in a bottle. 2 kinds of packing are available.