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Guru Medicines that originated from Guru Medical Hall , Trichy in South India have a name and fame of over 100 years. Dr. Ayyathurai Mathuram, [1849 to 1921] the Founder of Guru Medicines was the son of Dr. Samuel Mathuram of Tirunelveli District. Dr. Ayyathurai Mathuram migrated to Trichy and established the renowned Guru Medical Hall at Puthur, Trichy. Inspired and mentored by his Guru, the God of all creation, he formulated many medicines with precision and accuracy to Ayurvedic methods, and manufactured them on a large scale. He administered them to his patients who thronged to his clinic in large numbers. Medicines were sent to Colombo, Burma, Singapore and Penang.The renowned Guru Thylam [Pain Balm] and Guru Tooth Powder were exported to countries in the Asian Continent even during his days.

Dr. Samuel Ayyathurai Mathuram M.S., a Surgeon by profession, was born in 1946. He is the oldest grandson of Dr. A. Mathuram, the Founder of Guru Medicines. Dr. Samuel. A. Mathuram evinced great interest in the preparation of Ayurvedic and Siddha medicines.He meticulously studied and prepared his grand father's formulations.He worked with his father, Dr. B.L.J. Mathuram, and prepared the Guru Medicines with him, thus gaining a lot of experience. He found the medicines to bring cure and well-being to his patients.

Dr. Samuel A.Mathuram is the Sole Proprietor of Dr. S.A. Mathuram Sons which was started in 1992 and operates from Guru Medical Hall, Trichy. The brand name is Mathurams Guru® and it is a Registered Trade mark. Dr. S.A. Mathuram Sons is a G.M.P. Certified Company. The products manufactured by Dr. S.A. Mathuram Sons have won the appreciation of its consumers who are well pleased with its benefits.

Ivan Christopher Mathuram B.E MBA heads the marketing division of Dr. S.A. Mathuram Sons and he is the son of Dr. Samuel A. Mathuram.